Music Is Your Life

Music Is Your Life by #djeefsrecords
1.Jean Deep – Music Is Your Life (DJ Eef Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:22
2.Zac F – Izmir (Christos Fourkis Remix)DjEef’s Records 00:06:32 Zac Zacf Christos Fourkis
3.Jean Deep feat. Esteban – Ur so Far Away (David Caetano Remix)DjEef’s Records 00:06:47 David Caetano
4.Discribe Thesound – It’s Deep DjEef’s Records 00:09:09 Haico Biel
5.Jean Deep – Sea of Clouds (DJ DS Sea Nu Disco Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:43 David Tolman
6.DJ Eef – Floating Plasma (Jean Deep Alien Language Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:49 Jean Deep
7.Tinyi Mohl – Thinking of You DjEef’s Records 00:05:23 Tinyi Bushy Mohl
8.Derrick Flair – Floating in Space DjEef’s Records 00:08:08 Derrick Flair
9.Pbw – From Beyond the Stars DjEef’s Records 00:10:55 Peter Ward
10.Lavista D – You Do Me DjEef’s Records 00:08:00 LaVista D Manaka
11.Tinyi Mohl – Jest DjEef’s Records 00:08:28 Tinyi Bushy Mohl
12.Derrick Flair – Magical Moments DjEef’s Records 00:06:14 Derrick Flair
13.DJ Eef – Anticipation (Jean Deep’s Dance Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:07:02
14.Alfonso – Deep Disco (DeepHouse Mix) DjEef’s Records 00:08:56
15.DJ DS – Funk Kiss DjEef’s Records 00:06:13 David Tolman
16.Tinyi Mohl feat. Ejaye – Exhale to Dance (TM SH Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:01 Tinyi Bushy Mohl
17.DJ Eef – Fly by Night (Jean Franglais Gravity Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:52
18.David Bitton – The Bigest Chaos DjEef’s Records 00:06:52 David Bitton
19.DJ Eef- After Party (Jean Deep’s Disco Orbital Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:35
20.DJ Eef – Four on the Floor (Jean Franglais Crystal Drops Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:51
21.Samuel Zamora – S150 DjEef’s Records 00:06:44 Samuel Zamora
22.Jean Deep – Los Angeles 2019 (DJ Eef Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:07:35 Jean Deep
23.Tinyi Mohl feat. Ejaye – Let the Music Tell It (Thamza Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:43
24.David Caetano – Waiting For You DjEef’s Records 00:06:18 David Caetano
25.DJ Eef – Pushing Forward (Discribe Thesound Remix)DjEef’s Records 00:06:53
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Deep House Collection

juin 17, 2018

Deep House Collection by #djeefsrecords coming soon with
DJ Eef – University of Music (Extended Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:28)
Didier Vanellii – Amazone (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:21)
Jean Deep – Sea of Clouds (Angel Negron Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:51)
DJ Eef – Liquid Dreams (Jean Deep’s Ocean Sun Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:42)
Alfonso – Prohibition (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:35)
Discribe Thesound Haico Biel- Time for the Beach (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:17)
Jean Deep feat. Esteban – Ur so Far Away (Lavista D LaVista D Manaka’s Clubbin Dub Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:27)
Tinyi Mohl – Free (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:14) Tinyi Bushy Mohl
Lavista D – Spiritual Journey (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:00) LaVista D Manaka
David Caetano – El Portal (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:46) David Caetano
Jean Deep – Ultra Deep (Tinyi Mohl Synths Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:59) Jean Deep
David Caetano – Delirio (Captizzy Abnormal Tempo Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:48) David Caetano
DJ Eef feat. Lunar Breeze – Sky Fall (Jean Deep’s Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:55) Happy Lunar Maisela
DJ Eef – Energy Drive (Extended Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:13)
Blaq Bone Bushy – Move It (Tinyi Mohl Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:05)
Derrick Flair – Chances (DjEef’s Records) (00:04:18) Derrick Flair
Andries Blithe – Back to Basics (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:28)
Blaq Bone Bushy feat. Miss Starry – Alfa to Omega (Tinyi Mohl Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:41)
Jean Deep – Teleportation (DJ Eef Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:20)
David Bitton – Positive Thoughts (Boiler Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:16) David Bitton
David Caetano – Waiting For You (Aleck Musk Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:49)
Tinyi Mohl – Mood (Just Feelin’ Good Version) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:40)
D.o.r Projects – Prayer for Africa (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:35)
DJ Eef – Deep Waves (Extended Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:16)
Soul Chap – Letting Go (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:54) Kevilene Gobuamang
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